Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Greetings and welcome to jaelina's life.

Recently jaelina has found herself (with her Master's permission) replying to alot of the journal prompts posted on the net, in her personal, hand-written journal that she writes in each evening for her Master.  After writing on a few, she thought that it might be nice to post her answers to said prompts publicly, so that others within the lifestyle can read them and share thier opinions, etc.  Master has allowed this, and so here she is, creating a blog.

To let her readers know a little about her; jaelina is a twenty-four-seven live in, service oriented slave to her Master and Husband.  she has lived with Master for a little over two years as His slave.  Master and she live a high protocol Master/slave dynamic both in private as well as in the public eye.  We have never found a reason to hide our relationship due to having no children, and not working in a career that would frown upon our relationship. 

As you can see, jaelina speaks in third person.  It is a requirement of her Master and something that jaelina embraces whole-heartedly as she believes it has enhanced her personality as both a woman and a slave.  she also Uppercases Master, Him, His, He, when speaking of her Master, and lowercases anything when refering to herself.  If this is a problem for you as a reader, please feel free to move to the next blog.

Also, as jaelina does keep a nightly journal in real life, this blog will only be for journal prompts.  she hopes that her readers enjoy and can perhaps even learn from her responses.  Please feel free to leave comments.

Please be most well,

Master ShenLong's beloved slavegirl, slave jaelina.

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