Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is the ability to accept things helpful in your slavery?

This question, for jaelina, can be taken on so many different paths.  Acceptance has so many different avenues to explore, and just by this question, she can see two ways for her to with it.  girl will attempt to cover both in this entry. 

To take us down the first path; acceptance is something that, when dealing with others in the lifestyle, comes quite easy to jaelina.  Just because someone does not live the lifestyle the same way that Master and one does, is no reason to cast judgement or to say that said person isn't a "true lifestyler".  When Master and she meet someone new at a lifestyle event, rather it be a munch, public, or private play party, we are the kind that wait to be walked up to.  We admit that we do not go out of our way to get to know people.  We do get a lot of judgement because of the way that Master leads us to live the lifestyle, which in many ways, is very "old school".  For this reason and others, we are pretty careful with whom we call friends.

On the subject, we have a wide variety of "lifestylers" as our friends.  A few are high protocol oriented, just as Master and girl are.  Also, many of our friends are not protocol oriented.  A few are not monogamous as Master and His slave are, but they are friends none-the-less and we do not think any less of them.  Unfortunately the world has made so many limitations in relationships.  So many things that society calls wrong or "improper".

As a part of the BDSM community, how can one judge an other's kink, when in society calls jaelina's "kink" wrong?  As a community member, both Master and jaelina believe that we should be supporters, not judges.  Of course, you have those moments at a party, or when looking at a picture and a shocked expression takes her face.  jaelina might even make a comment "oh God that is so wrong!" but that does not mean she doesn't accept it.  It only means that it is not something girl could do, or may not ever want to do.


Now, taking us down the next path;  in jaelina's service to her Master, acceptance is not always so easy.  On more day to day issues, immediate acceptance comes as a difficult task for her, at times.  Now, she does not mean that she doesn't accept her place as her Master's slave.  That acceptance came long ago, and grows each and every day.  The acceptance she speaks of is the one which comes with momentary tasks, and usually comes when jaelina second-guesses. 

Second guessing is and always has been an insecurity of jaelina's. Many times Master will give her an order, and she will over think the order and begin asking questions instead of accepting and moving to complete the task.  Master is of the mindset, complete the task and then ask questions (of course unless she feels the order would cause her harm, which she doubts will ever happen).  A lot of times she will get an order from Master that may be excusing her from a certain task due to a circumstance out of either Master's or jaelina's control, and she answers many times with "are You sure Master?"  Which usually is responded with a sharp smack to her rump or a firm glare, wordless.

The problem with acceptance normally comes with an order which goes against what Master routinely desires.  It is almost like maybe it is the change.  Certainly it is something girl works hard on each and every day.  Something she strives to do better with, and is probably one of the most important issues she feels she needs to address head on, as it can sometimes lead to other problems.

Please be most well,

Master William's beloved slave, slave jaelina.