Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is your biggest pet peeve topic from FetLife?

"What is your biggest pet peeve topic from FetLife?"

Strangely enough, jaelina's biggest pet peeve topic on FetLife is third person.  It seems that ninety percent of the replies given on this topic are negative responses about how third person erases the slave's personality.  she can understand where this thought process comes from, as some Masters/Mistresses/Dominants do use third person for this reason, but not All do, and it seems that many fail to realize this.  jaelina has even recieved e-mails on Fet Life stating that she would be avoided because she speaks in third person and there for *must* have no personality.

It is sad to her, that so many have this opinion of the use of third person speech as in her personal experience with using third person, it has not only *not* taken away her personality but it has enhanced her personality.  When she refers to herself in the third person, she is not saying that she, as a person, does not exsist.  For jaelina it is merely a physical representation of her place as a slave to her Master.  For her, jaelina, the girl who speaks in third person, the one who gives her devotion and love to her Master, the one who feels that serving her Master is her purpose in life, *is* who she is.  Being a slave *is* her personality because it is who she wants to be.  Not because her Master has forced her into submitting, or broken her down so low that she no longer has any self asteem.  The truth of the matter is that she has much more of a self asteem than she had when she entered into this relationship with her Master.

Another thing that is said alot is that it is annoying to read or hear, and many have said they avoid speaking to one who does use third person.  In her opinion, they are losing out on the possibilty of making a meaningful friendship.  Just because one speaks in third person does not mean she has no opinions or experiences on and in life.  In fact, she has many opinions because her Master allows them. 

Also, it has been said that the use of third person makes the slave appear ignorant.  If anyone has ever used third person for an extended period of time, or even a short period of time, they would know that using third person correctly takes intelligence and creativity.  her Master certainly has not instructed her to speak in third person to "dumb her down".  If He wanted to do that, would He not simply restrict her from speaking, reading, or having any real experiences?  Instead, jaelina's Master does the exact opposite.  He encourages her to talk with others, to give her opinions and to read and learn.

Lastly, how does speaking in third person impose another's protocols on other people?  Is one asking that person to speak back to her in third person, or even to agree with her use of third person?  No.  Simply, she asks that people respect her Master's decision to instruct her to use third person and realize that it is not about them.  In any Master and slave relationship, it is about the Master.  So if the Master has chosen said protocol, and the slave is doing so to please Him, and even herself, why should it bother anyone else?

Just a few thoughts to ponder.  Thank you for reading.

Master ShenLong's slavegirl, slave jaelina.

Greetings and welcome to jaelina's life.

Recently jaelina has found herself (with her Master's permission) replying to alot of the journal prompts posted on the net, in her personal, hand-written journal that she writes in each evening for her Master.  After writing on a few, she thought that it might be nice to post her answers to said prompts publicly, so that others within the lifestyle can read them and share thier opinions, etc.  Master has allowed this, and so here she is, creating a blog.

To let her readers know a little about her; jaelina is a twenty-four-seven live in, service oriented slave to her Master and Husband.  she has lived with Master for a little over two years as His slave.  Master and she live a high protocol Master/slave dynamic both in private as well as in the public eye.  We have never found a reason to hide our relationship due to having no children, and not working in a career that would frown upon our relationship. 

As you can see, jaelina speaks in third person.  It is a requirement of her Master and something that jaelina embraces whole-heartedly as she believes it has enhanced her personality as both a woman and a slave.  she also Uppercases Master, Him, His, He, when speaking of her Master, and lowercases anything when refering to herself.  If this is a problem for you as a reader, please feel free to move to the next blog.

Also, as jaelina does keep a nightly journal in real life, this blog will only be for journal prompts.  she hopes that her readers enjoy and can perhaps even learn from her responses.  Please feel free to leave comments.

Please be most well,

Master ShenLong's beloved slavegirl, slave jaelina.
Why do you write journals?  Do you find it a posative thing for you, and if so, in what way?  Is it a public journal?  Do you ever find yourself censoring your writings for whoever else might read them?
Question #1:  Why do you write journals?
Answer:  jaelina writes journals so that anything that happens in Oour lives/ Oour life, is recorded and the memories Wwe have shared will always be captured in ink.  Another reason that she writes her journals is because it releases negative and posative emotions.
Question #2:  Do you find it a posative thing for you, and if so, in what way?
Answer:  girl does find writing everything out a very posative thing for her and also for You, Master.  It is posative because no matter the emotions attatched to whatever she may be writing about, they get out and hopefully dont feel so overwhelming.  Also, journaling helps Uus Bboth because sometimes writing things gets more out than talking because writing gives her time to think about what she writes about.  It also comes out so much more like she means it to come out.
Question #3:  Is it a public journal?
Answer:  It is *not* a public journal.  The reason for this leads into the next question.
Question #4:  Do you ever find yourself censoring your writings for whoever else might read them?
Answer:  jaelina woudl change the words "for whoever else might read them" to "from whoever else might read them."  Simply because yes she does catch herself kind of restricting what she see's, feels, etc. when it is *very* deep, sexual, passionate because she does concern herself, with the fact that her family has read her journals in the past, and for her that cheapens the feelings, dirties them because they cannot understand fully in thier heart, the emotions, and special moments.  It's like someone having the ability to read her heart and soul.  No one but the One that her heart beats for, the One that her soul soars for can truly understand these feelings.  That might sound over romanticized or poetic, but it really is the way it feels.  It isnt that she doesnt want people to know the passion, but like she said, people that do not have the ability to understand it, cheapen it by judgement and personal beliefs/opinions.
Master ShenLong's jaelina